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"Healthy Families Build Strong Communities"   



Women Of Essence


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Our Story

Women Of Essence was organized in October 1995 by a group of concerned African-American breast cancer survivors who recognized the need of a service that was lacking in the community.

Breast cancer is the number two cancer killer of African-American women.

We believe strongly in taking an active role informing the community about breast cancer, its early warning and where women can turn for medical treatment, follow-up and psychological support for themselves and their families.   Our vision is to bring increasing local and national attention to the devastating impact of breast cancer on the African-American communities we serve.  We are particularly sensitive to the needs of the underserved and uninsured.



Services We Offer

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Emotional and psychological support

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Resource for medical research

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Community cancer education and awareness programs

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Speaker's bureau

listbut.gif (906 bytes)In-home sister-to-sister support

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Newsletter and other educational materials



Mission Statement

Women Of Essence is committed to increasing local and national attention on the devastating impact of breast cancer on the African-American community.

Donations and funds raised by local chapters provide vital education, resources and referral opportunities for thousands of women.

If you are interested in starting a chapter, joining a local chapter, making a donation or receiving our newsletter, please contact us at:

Women Of Essence
P.O. Box 1854
Lynwood, CA  90262-1854
(310) 537-8227



Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

listbut.gif (906 bytes)A lump or thickening in the breast

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Pain, swelling or change in the shape of the breast

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Changes in color or texture of the skin

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Discharge from the nipples


Early Detection

Is the best defense against breast cancer, and greatly increases one's chance for survival.

Health professionals recommend the following steps for early detection:

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Monthly breast self-exams (BSE)

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Annual breast exams by a doctor

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Mammography screening starting at age 35

listbut.gif (906 bytes)Mammogram every year for women ages 40 and over


Sister Network

Women Of Essence is a chapter of Sister Network, the first national African-American breast cancer survivors support group.  Chapters are organized by breast cancer survivors who are committed to establishing much needed community health services that are lacking in their neighborhoods.

Sister Network currently has chapters in the following states:

  • California

  • Florida

  • Illinois

  • Louisiana

  • Mississippi

  • New Jersey

  • North Carolina

  • Texas (2)

  • Alabama

  • Delaware

  • Georgia

  • Indiana

  • Maryland

  • Missouri

  • New York (2)

  • Ohio

  • Top


    Locally, Women Of Essence addresses the breast health needs of African-American women through its local chapter and partnerships with existing service providers.


    Monthly Support Groups

    The Los Angeles Chapter offers a support group on the first Saturday of every month:

    Bilbrew Library
    150 E. El Segundo Boulevard
    2:30 to 4:00 p.m.

    All meetings are free and open to the public.





    Founder Gloria Harmon and Past President Kimberly of SC-ACS

    Dr. Ronald Beavers
    The American Cancer Society

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    Fundrasier Supporters
    .Local members of the National African American Drug Policy Coalition .
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